Monthly Archives: December 2012

Artist Statement

With the recent takeover of Lucas Films by Disney, I wanted to make a commentary on the size of disney and what it has done to previous companies they have taken over and what might happen when they are in control of properties such as Star Wars. George Lucas was instrumental in the creation of Star Wars and has become¬†synonymous¬†with the series. While making the animation, I struggled to find just the right sound clips to illustrate my point. Finally, I found clips that illustrated the take over and the tension between the business side of the industry and the creative side (which Disney and George Lucas have both struggled with over their times in the spotlight). The most important design element was making the “Disney monster” which is a combination of all of the properties Disney has bought in the last 10 years. By adding another property they are just adding to the things they control which seems to be more of an asset than a challenge. By playing the “Darth Vader Theme” at the end while Mickey is saying “We’re pals” it put together visually and aurally that good things may come from this new partnership, but it could also be tragic. For example, if Disney is more concerned with making money off of Star Wars, they could get a positive out of that but they also could make some great new movies. This piece acts as an intorduction to discussing the future of Lucas Films at Disney.