ART 362A: Assignment #2

Based on the feedback given during the critique, people seemed to enjoy my concept. While the shots I used were not particularly difficult to set up, the concept and thought that they fostered exceeded the actual complexity of the shoot. I did most of my experimentation and exploring of the concept in the editing process. By combining the four different shots I took, I was able to comment on the progression of television as we know it.

The term television started out as the name of the technology that was able to bring live moving pictures into homes across the country. As technology has changed, the term “television” has come to be synonymous with the medium instead of the technology. People say they are “going to watch television” whether they are going to be watching it on their television set, computer, iPad or iPhone. By using the most basic of television pictures (bars and tone & static), I was able to show this progression from television on the couch to television everywhere.

The lack of complexity in the shots lets people think deeply about how the medium and technology affects their lives and the way they consume media. Capturing these screens on video adds another layer to the complexity of the piece because in many ways, the video is a commentary on the medium of video itself and how it is constantly changing in the world.

I think I should get a 17/18 on the project. My project fulfilled the guidelines of the project: the two videos commented and added to each other. My project had a spirit of investigation and experimentation in that by observing the medium in which I was working (and am studying as my major), I was able to think about how the medium works and is evolving; hopefully other people will understand similar concepts from the video. Becuase my project was so open ended (even though I had some clear intentions in making it) the conceptual complexity of it can be at various different levels for different viewers. Where my project fell short was the quality of craftsmanship and overall aesthetic. Looking back at my video, I wish I had taken more time to set up each shot more carefully, white balance my camera better and ensure that each shot was in focus. While this did not take away that much from overall quality and concept of the video, it could have been improved had it been more crisply shot.


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