ART362: Assignment #1

I think the composition of the shots was strong overall. Based on the feedback, the composition of the first one was stronger. Having the fence in front of the pool made it seem like the people were in a “zoo.” This related to the project because it juxtaposes the “fancy” parts of Elon while it is still being contained within a fence. This speaks to Elon’s control over its students and the campus in general. The added element of the water tower expands the relationship between the pool and the town of Elon. While the water tower is a resource for the normal citizens of Elon, the students of the school are able to enjoy the pool in the shadow of the pool. The biggest weakness with this shot, based on the feedback, is that if the composition of the shot had been more¬†symmetrical, it would have added to the feeling that we were “looking through the glass” at an exhibit at the zoo.

In terms of grading, I think I should get a 11/12. I thought I fulfilled the guidelines of the project and paid good attention to detail. I think where the project fell a little short was in the spirit of investigation and experimentation and conceptual complexity. I think if we had explored a little more and tried out some other angles, we could have come up with a more conceptually complex piece that would have resonated with more people.



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