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Project #8: Silent Movie

The most difficult part about this project was keeping track of all the shots that we had taken and needed to be taken. We kept a list of the shots that needed to get done, but with the amount of shots needed for this project, it was difficult to remember everything that was needed. We were, however, able to collect most of the shots we had intended to get which made the editing process relatively easy. When we did get into the editing room, we at first realized that we had a lot more footage than we were going to be able to use. To combat this problem, we had to cut a couple of scenes as well as tighten up the ones that we did need to keep. I feel like, in the end, this did damage the quality of our project because it made the ending a little ambiguous, but I was still happy with the overall outcome.

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DMC #7: Interview

Doing the actual interview was actually quite enjoyable. It was cool to work with the interviewee and interact with there thoughts and almost letting the project develop as we went through the interview. The energy from the subject was really helpful in maintaining a positive attitude and spirit throughout the project. It was also very cool to go back over the footage and the interview during the editing and realizing really how much of the B-roll footage actually matched up with the things that the interviewee was saying. Having both parts of footage match up in post production was a really good and fulfilling feeling. The biggest thing that I learned was that you can never ask too many questions. Any footage that you may get from the subject could turnout to be good footage and so you really don’t want to miss a thing.

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DMC Project #6: Final Cut Photostory

I had previously worked with Final Cut before this project, so I tried to focus on my story and make it work as hard as it could. The first element of this was developing a story, protagonist and antagonist. I wrote a somewhat loose sci-fi story that I thought could look cool and be reasonably achieved.

My protagonist is definately more developed than my antagonist. I spent nearly the first half of the video focusing on why the protagonist was in the situation he was in. At the same time, I was establishing who the main character was and allowing the viewer to relate with him. My vision for the antagonist was a lot more grand when I first invisioned it. Due to time, however, I was not able to make the “monster/alien” as complex as I had hoped, but I do think that it does give off a spooky feel (along with the music) that I was hoping for.

I was very pleased with the visual outcome of my project and I hope to improve on my storytelling as I continue to make more videos.

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