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DMC Project #5: Online Portfolio

I really enjoyed this project. I struggled at first with the alignment of the site but after working with the software, I was able to figure out how to make the site align properly so it looked like a cohesive site instead of a bunch of building blocks. The navigation of my site is pretty simple: from the homepage there are two sections, photos and videos. From there, you can pick any of the options from the side menu to find more photos/videos. I labeled the side bar items “1,2,3..” for two reasons – so the user would be surprised when the open the page and so I could easily adapt my site when I want to update it.

In the future, I plan to update my site when I finish a new project or I feel like something else that I have made deserves to be on my site. I did not finish filling up the side bar on either the video or photo page, so I will be able to add to either of those without deleting any of the content that is currently on it. I feel like my site is a good place where I can represent both myself and my work and I hope to update and enhance my site as my work and my person improve.

My portfolio can be reached at:

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DMC Project #4: Original Advertisement

I had originally made this bottle for a project in my Digital Art class that I took in the fall (along with 9 other varieties of soda) and had been meaning to take pictures of them since that class ended. This project presented a nice opportunity for me to fulfill that wish because I was able to not only take pictures of the product that I made, but was able to do it in a creative way. The name of the product is “Hipop” and is a play on words of “Hip-Pop”, “pop” music, and “pop” the mid-western word for soda.

For the picture, I only used on light that was positioned on the right side of the frame and was focused on the bottle but inevitably hit the background as well. This created a nice gradient on the background which allowed for the bottle to pop off of the page and grab the consumer’s attention. When designing the actual ad, I stuck to a simple color scheme that complemented the colors that are on the bottle. I used the original logo that I had on the bottle so that the ad was completely consistent with the product. I then put a new slogan “Old Skool Flava. Hard Cola.” at the top of the page which, again, is a play on words of the whole soda/hiphop idea. I then put a drop shadow behind the slogan to make that grab the consumers attention. The one thing I could have done better was make the ad a little more interesting I think. I do like how the bottle is on top of a vinyl record, but I think I could have had a little more creative idea, despite how effective of ad I think I created.

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DMC Project #3: Product Beauty Shot

To me this project was interesting because we got to imitate all of the different advertisements that we have seen throughout the years while still bring our own creative taste to the shoot. While looking around the room for a product to shoot, I noticed some flowers on my partners desk that seemed to asthetically watch a bottle of Tide in terms of color. When we noticed that the Tide was supposed to have a flower scent we knew it was a good choice of product. We then made of bowl filled with baking soda to complement the other feature advertised on the bottle itself.
When we started the shoot, we decided to use two lights. The first light we used for this shot was a key light that was diffused by an umbrella and was focused on the front of the Tide bottle. The second light was a backlight that came from above the bottle and really made it and it’s accompaning objects stick out from the background. Overall, I really like this shot because of the way the product really stands out from the background and makes you focus in on it, but the shadows on the background are still visually interesting (and relevent to the product because it is a towel).

I chose this shot of the Tide bottle because of the way the “Tide” logo really contrasts its surroundings and “pops” out of the picture. The middle of the picture and therefore the logo, is the only thing that is in focus in the entire picture. The surrounding objects, however, are still visible and distinguishable, but seemingly less important. This photo would let the consumer know what the product was while associating it with positive connotations of cleanliness and efficiency.

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