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DMC Project #2: Lighting

The thing I like about this photo is the contrast between the soft and hard lighting that is on her head. The soft key light on the left side of her face really accentuates her facial features – especially her eyes – while the hard lighting on her hair makes her hair an equally as important as her face. I also like how the model stands out so much from the background. The dark lighting and clothes contrast with very light background. Overall, I think it is a very dynamic picture because of the multiple forms of contrast that are in it.

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Street Photography

Taking street photographs posed many challenges, but also resulted in many rewards. Some of the challenges that I personally faced included lighting, setting, and focus. At times will walking around campus (where I took all of my photographs) it was difficult to get the lighting just right while I was trying to take pictures of people in a natural setting. I had to be quick to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings while making sure I was able to capture the action that was around me at an interesting time. The setting (and colors) around campus, I found were very monotone, especially in the Belk/Moseley area where a lot of the surroundings and walkways are made of brick. This actually worked well with one of the photographs that I choose to be in my top 3 because the way the shadows were at the time I took the picture made a bunch of different shades along the breezeway adjacent to Belk Library. The one main subject (although in the shadows and to the left side of the frame) really stood out amongst all the brick. Another problem I encountered while taking pictures in a street setting was getting the focus just right quickly. Sometimes, I found that I got a lot of the things right in the picture (such as lighting, framing, eye-lines, line, etc.) but the focus was just a bit off and therefore the picture was unusable. The things that I believe that I did accomplish well were capturing points in time with good emotion in the subjects as well as good line in most of my pictures. In the one picture I chose of the man working, I made sure the man was in a position that was both in line with the trees behind him as well as in a diagonal position to the ladder leaning against the machine. Overall, I think that this assignment has made me more aware of the settings on the camera that have to be changed quickly in order to take an interesting and aesthetically pleasing photograph.

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Exploring Visual Aesthetics

The first thing that caught my eye about this picture was the colors. Both the vibrancy and disparity in the colors grabbed my attention and made me want to explore the picture further. The colors of the quilt are very unique and very different from each other, but still complement each other well. Another thing created by the quilt (in combination with the little girl) is dynamic tension. With the girls focus on the floating feathers (and in the opposite direction of the way in which the quilt is “flowing”) pulls the attention both to where the girl is looking and to where the quilt is sitting. Furthermore, the quilt seems to be endless because we do not see the end of it as it continues out of the frame, creating an overwhelming feeling of the quilt. While the girl is seemingly the subject of the photograph, it is really the quilt that provides the visually appealing aspects.

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Restarting a restart

Ok, so I started a blog about two months ago and it was going great. Then I find out that for my Digital Media Convergence class that I need a wordpress blog. So I figured that I would just consolidate my blogger blog and move all of the posts that I have there over here so it wouldn’t be confusing. I’ll still keep the old one up ( but I will be updating this one. So here we go again, again.