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All I Want Is You

Last weekend, I saw my dad’s friend Patrick Fitzsimmons play in his band “From Good Homes”, which were semi-big in the 90s. Between 1999 (when the band broke up) and now, Patrick has been doing his own thing in the singer/songwriter realm of things. At the beginning of my senior year of high school, my dad and I went to see him play in Portland, ME and I shot some of the gig and incorporated that footage into a video I had made for his song “All I Want Is You” the previous year. Here is the re-edited version of the video.


Old School Video

Here’s the first video I made in my Independent Study last year. It is a music video to the song “Dreaming of Your Love” by Tony Williams (who happens to be the cousin of Kanye West). I entered this into a contest for a video to be chosen as the official video for this song, but I never heard back from the people running the contest (nor did I hear about a winner or hear about the album that this was supposed to be on, needless to say, I was a bit confused). Well here it is…

(Starring Jay Hershfield and Emma Huvos)


I am officially in love with ?uestlove’s (the drummer for The Roots Band) twitter. While I was an early signup for twitter, I didn’t really really see the point at first and didn’t use it for about a year after I signed up. When I came back, I started following a few of my favorite celebrities (mostly rappers) and started to read a little bit. Well, now that I’ve been back for a while, I have noticed that Brother ?uest probably has the most comprehensive twitter, probably because he has one of the most comprehensive minds in the world of hip-hop. He literally knows everything and he has been in the game for over 20 years. Big ups to ?uestlove!

Inspiration: Mos Def and Kanye West

I have finally figured out why I love Kanye West and Mos Def so much. Both of these artist are amazing rappers, however, they are certainly not the best singers out there (by any means) but that doesn’t seem to stop them from doing what they feel necessary to express themselves. On both of their most recent projects (808s & Heartbreak and The Ecstatic, respectively), both of these men attempt to sing. While by any technical definition, they are not ‘good’ singers, but somehow, they are still able to portray emotion in the lyrics, tone, and voice. Ever since I was young, I wanted to be able to sing well. I never sang too well, but as some of my closest friends know, I never stop singing – whether it be Mos Def or *NSYNC. So being able to sing along with Kanye and Mighty Mos as they attempt to sing allows me to connect with the artists in a strange but meaningful way. They have essentially given me permission to do what I love, no matter what other people think about it.

Cigarette Photostory

Here is a photostory I did for FreshTV this year. It ‘chronicles’ my suitemate, Will Owen, having a cigarette one night. Enjoy!

Self Portrait

I figured that a good first post would be of my self portrait that I did for my Digital Art Class. The theory behind this piece is that I like to be behind the camera (what I’m holding) or be behind the shadows, but that I am also confined by certain material things that I am always trying to escape from (the white stuff kind of symbolizes my ideas trying to break free to constraints). Check out some more of my self portraits after the jump

Here We Go Again

So I’ve tried to start blogs before but they haven’t really worked out. I’m basically starting this blog to post stuff that I make – whether it be a video for a class or something random that I make on Photoshop. Not that anyone really cares (yet) about what I am making, but they will some day and so I’ll showcase my stuff here so I can start to get people to care. Here we go…